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Welcome to the Rosedale Chamber of Commerce Chamber Chat.

A place where members of our community can find out just what is happening in the town of Rosedale.

We will endevour to update this page as often as we can to keep information fresh and up to date.


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Member Benefits


The Rosedale Chamber of Commerce is the voice of local business and has the authority to present business issues directly to all levels of government.  In addition, our strategic alliance with the Wellington Shire means that our local voice has a presence on the Local, State and National stage.

Importantly, the Rosedale Chamber of Commerce actively lobbies the local media to ensure that relevant business issues always receive wide spread public attention.  Advocacy through key media channels is a primary goal for the Rosedale Chamber of Commerce.

Access to Knowledge

The Rosedale Chamber of Commerce encourages its members to be completely up to date with the economic prospects of the region and has managed to open effective lines of Communication with the Wellington Shire.  This means our members will have access to local intelligence collected for our region including:

- Regional Economic Profiles incorporating statistical data for the region.

- The Rosedale Structure Plan.


Owning or operating a business can be isolating.  The Rosedale Chamber of Commerce is an ideal way for local business owners and members to have the opportunity to meet, interact and engage with other like-minded business professionals in a welcoming environment.

Information and Education

Providing our members with up to date information is a key focus of the Rosedale Chamber of Commerce.  Living in a regional community means that access to training opportunities is sometimes limited.  Therefore, the Chamber makes it a priority to tackle issues of current relevance (based on member feedback) and offer opportunities for members to continually expand their business networks and learn valuable business skills at the same time.


Keep abreast of current issues from your desk.  The Chamber Chat or members only area within "" provides members with the ability to stay ahead of local business news and issues.  For a nominal fee, members can advertise directly to interested recipients on "  The "" website which has attracted up to nearly 1200 visitors in a month, therefore exposing your business to a potential new audience.


The Chambers plans to continually improve and play an even bigger and more key role in marketing Rosedale to further investment, trade and tourism opportunities in collaboration with other regional peak bodies.  These investment opportunities pave the way for future business development in the region and provide surety to current business operators.  Members of the Rosedale Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee sit on various boards and committees and their presence ensures that the voice of local business is always heard.


The Rosedale Chamber of Commerce is governed by an executive committee elected at the Annual General Meeting.  Executive positions are on a volunteer basis.  Members interested in taking a more proactive role in the Rosedale Chamber of Commerce are encouraged to nominate for a position on the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee meets monthly and is led by a Chairperson and is supported by a Depty Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. 

An organisation is only as strong as its members

The Rosedale Chamber of Commerce has a long, proud history of supporting Local businesses.  Our greatest strength is the ongoing support and interest of our members.  Joining the Rosedale Chamber of Commerce ensures this region has one strong, cohesive voice for business.  It's time to get your voice heard.